How soon can I open? How long does the process take?

From first inquiry to opening the restaurant, the process takes about six to 12 months (depending on a number of factors, including site availability).

What is my initial investment?

The initial single-unit franchise fee is $30,000. Estimated total investment required for a single restaurant ranges from $300,000 - $500,000.

What are the royalty and advertising fees?

Royalty is 6% of sales; advertising is 3% of sales. The 3% advertising fee is broken up into two parts: 2% is focused on local advertising efforts and 1% funds national advertising efforts.

Can I own more than one unit? And how can I be assured of future locations?

Yes, you may own more than a single unit. You can lock up additional locations by signing a development agreement for multiple units. For the development rights to a geographic area, a nonrefundable payment equal to 50 percent of the total franchise fee for each store to be opened in the area is required upon signing the multiple unit development agreement. Then, the initial franchise fee for each store is reduced by half and due upon signing the franchise agreement. You will select a territory from those currently available; it will be a protected territory. At that time, we will agree upon the number of stores to be opened and timetable for opening them.

How many employees does it take to operate a unit?

Expect to hire 15 to 20 full and part-time employees.

What support will I receive going forward?

You will receive marketing and advertising support (emphasizing a neighborhood-marketing methodology) through your Area Representative, our advertising agency (Zimmerman), and our corporate marketing staff. Led by your Area Representative, you and the other franchisees in the local market will work collaboratively to execute marketing programs at the market level (national programs may also be required by FOC from time to time). In addition, you’ll benefit from ongoing training, research and development of new products, regular dialogues with your AR, operations support and periodic business counseling.

What are the requirements for an operating partner?

We only allow operating partners who are solely devoted to their Firehouse Subs business. The operating partner must also have a minimum of 50% ownership. The operating partner cannot be actively engaged in other business interests that potentially detract from the optimum performance of their Firehouse Subs restaurant(s).

Do I have to live in the same market where I operate my restaurant(s)?

Yes, in order to effectively manage your business, you must reside within a distance we determine to be satisfactory.

How much money will I make?

The success of your restaurant depends on a number of factors. The most important one being your involvement in the day-to-day operations of your business. We have found there is a direct correlation with how involved you are in your business and how successful you will be.

What else do I need to know?

An important part of your due diligence is speaking with existing franchise partners. Understanding the business from a franchisee's perspective and completing the day and week of discovery is a critical part of ensuring you understand what to expect prior to deciding whether this is the right business opportunity for you.

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