I'm interested in a Firehouse Subs franchise. What are the next steps?
Please visit FirehouseSubs.ca/Franchise to learn more about owning your own Firehouse Subs restaurant.
Can I purchase any of the hot sauces found in a Firehouse Subs restaurant?
So you like it hot? We do too! Our hot sauces, including our signature Captain Sorensen’s Datil Pepper Hot Sauce, are available for purchase on one website. AND...because you’re a loyal customer you get a special Firehouse Subs discount of 7%. Visit www.hotsauce.com and search for the sauce you wish to purchase. Upon checkout, enter in the following coupon code - FIREHOUSE07.
Is Firehouse Subs interested in my product or service?
If you are interested in becoming a service provider or vendor for Firehouse Subs, please email the Supply Chain Services department, supplychainteam@firehousesubs.com.
How do I submit a request for a donation or sponsorship in my local area?
For donation and /or sponsorship requests, please contact the Firehouse Subs closest to you. The franchise owner or manager is the decision maker regarding activities in your local community.
How do I submit a proposal for a national sponsorship?
Please send your proposal to marketing@firehousesubs.com. A member of the team will review it and contact you if there is any interest.
How do I make a suggestion for a new restaurant location?
If you have a suggestion for a location for Firehouse Subs, or are curious if one is coming to your area, please email realestate@firehousesubs.com.
Do you have any Gluten-free menu options?

Currently our gluten-free options are as follows:

- Any Firehouse Subs deli meat (meatballs are not included)

- All of our cheeses, including Provolone, Cheddar, and Monterey Jack

- Any of our salads – add any meat and cheese on it and tell them to make it hot

Refer to our nutrition page for detailed ingredient information